You can't spell Drunk without Run! 


This is the story of the SPOR&DIC Hash

The origins of the SPOR&DIC hash can be found in the drunken ramblings of a few disgruntled Stockholm Hashers on a week-end tour to Nakna (with two pricks). One of the main reasons for this disgruntledness was a general feeling that the two Stockholm kennels, the Absolut H3 and the Underground H3, had turned into running clubs and family outings. The group came to an agreement of sorts, they decided it was time for a real Hash in Stockholm, one that was closer to the ones they'd encountered abroad.

After the week-end V.D.Viking realised that he was probably the only one that remembered what was said on that faithful night, and set out on a Holy quest to find a good name for the new Hash. This new Hash shouldn't be set aside from the existing Stockholm kennels, but rather complement them. Yet the name had to reflect that it in many ways was thought to be the opposite. With the help of Floater and Ingrid Larssen, V.D.Viking came up with SPOR&DIC H3 (Stockholm Perhaps Overground Running & Drinking Intra-Curricular Hash House Harriers). A name that both reflects it's unscheduled nature, it's opposition to the two established kennels and it's affinity to them. Several years later SPOR&DIC was merged with the Connoisseur Hash and went from intra-curricular to intra-connoisseurricular.

Thus with the new Hash named, it was time for a proper inaugural. As it turned out Standing Ovation was planning a Hash in connection with SVT's live airing of Iron Maiden's Gothenburg concert, which was absolutely perfect for a SPOR&DIC run. So July 9, 2005 SPOR&DIC was officially founded, with plenty of beers, food and whisky as it should be. And I dare anyone to complain about the music.

Other memorable SPOR&DIC runs have been a post-lube to the 2007 Interscandi and several Booze Croozes on the Baltic Sea, Hang-over trails on the ScandiJock in Stockholm and InterScandi 2019 in Hallstahammar. We have also done our first and last Bash in Estonia thanks to us trusting Stains the Couch, the GM of Tallin H3.

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