Runs 1-9

Run 1 - The Maiden Run

When: July 9, 2005, Where: Skarpnäck, Hare: Standing Ovation

Runners(8): V.D.Viking, SPOR&DIC Cummer (New Name), Ingrid Larssen, Sugar Kane, King Zebra, Doubledecker, Mad Swede, Clark Kent

A medium long trail done in sweltering heat. Included a wading stop at Playa del Skarpnäck, lots of good drinks and tons of great heavy metal performed by Iron Maiden live from Gothenburg. A perfect inaugural of SPOR&DIC.

Run 2 - The AfterScandi Run

When: July 18, 2005, Where: Waxholm, Hare: Floater

Runners(25ish): Standing Ovation, Big Brother, Big Mouth, Sugar Kane, Fucking Nuts (Oslo), Megabitten (Oslo), Airhead (Oslo), Scary Pussy (Oslo), Fucking Beep Beep (Oslo), Ground Zero (Oslo), Likk'm (DRIFTER), Lonely Braincell (BUMS), Hasty Withdrawal (Frankfurt), Hard'n'Fast (Frankfurt), Rongjon (Gypsies in the Palace), Oink! (FACAF), Mimi (Trossachs), Slush Puppy (Vindobona), Ice Queen (Vindobona), Horny Larssen (Royal Magnarp and Bordighera), Anon (Ottawa), Pucko, Kapten Condom (London) plus a couple more whom no-one can remember the names of, if you know who they are please mail V.D.Viking.

The post-lube to the now infamous Interscandi in Stockholm 2005.

Run 3 - The Closing-of-the-Interscandi run

When: September 9, 2005, Where: Central Stockholm, Hare: Standing Ovation

Runners (8): V.D.Viking, Ingrid Larssen, Clever Dick, King Zebra, Clark Kent, Big Brother, Big Mouth, Junior Turd

A short run from the central station to the new Hirschenkeller, including a beer stop/circle. All done in less than 500 metres and 12 minutes. Officially the very last run connected to the Interscandi.

Run 4 - Around the world in 8 checks

When: August 5, 2006, Where: Järfälla, Hares: Ingrid Larssen and V.D.Viking

Runners (7): Mad Swede, Doubledecker, Muki, Rina (Later renamed Call Girl)(Hash Virgin), Floater, Missing Link (New Name), Sugar Kane and AnnMari who joined at the ON-INN.

A longish run with 8 drink stops, themed after countries all over the world. A Victoria Bitter in Sydney, red wine and Brie cheese in Paris, Indian Cobra Beer in Goa, Thai whiskey Mekong and Coke in Chiang Mai, Sol with lime and nachos with salsa dip in Mexico City, Italian Grappa in Bordighera and South African Amarula and biltong in Cape Town. And finally a beer or two at the Highlander pub (Now Closed) in Jakobsberg.

Run 5 - The Booze Crooze

When: August 6 to 7, 2006, Where: M/V Cinderella, Hare: Sugar Kane

Runners (4): King Zebra, Floater, Ingrid Larssen, V.D.Viking

A nice cruise on the Baltic Sea, with plenty of food and drink. During the cruise it was also decided that the Hornblower pub on-board Cinderella is the official SPOR&DIC Hash pub. M/V Cinderella has since then been decommissioned so the SPOR&DIC Hash is now homeless.

Run 7 - The à la Americaine run

When: July 7, 2007, Where: Jakobsberg: Hares: V.D.Viking and Ingrid Larssen

Runners (19): Muki, Pippi Longcocking, Sonya, Magic Mushroom, Just Yajaida (Hash Virgin), Sugar Kane, Big Mouth, Hornytail, Junior Turd, Floater, John Cleese, Mad Swede, Doubledecker, Silly Con Feet, Siegfried, Call Girl, I Love Lucy, Clark Kent, Big Brother

A trail laid on 07/07/07 of course has to be number 7! We'll do run number 6 some other time. The run had an American theme, so of course there were American drinks, American food (hamburgers) and American snacks. Several drink-stops were included in the run, Bourbon Coke, Budweiser, Straight Bourbon, Miller Lite and Sam Adams Boston Lager. Plus a Gammel Dansk stop by a well known rune stone. After everything had been eaten or drunk a few hardy ones went to Highlander for a farewell drink.

Run 6 - The 2nd Booze Crooze aka The Snooze Crooze

When: July 27,2007, Where: M/V Cinderella, Hare: Floater

Runners (5): V.D.Viking, Sugar Kane, Ingrid Larssen, Clark Kent, Junior Turd

Another great imaginary run by the imaginary Hare Floater. First check were the Tax Free shop and the second down below at deck two, just to check the quality of Junior Turd's newly bought whiskey. The Circle were held on the sun deck, where they thoughtfully had painted a huge yellow circle with a big 'H' in the middle, just for us. The next morning the majority of the SPOR&DIC were up bright and early, and disembarked for the Absolut in Mariehamn, except for Junior Turd and Clark Kent who decided their bunks were so cosy that they stayed onboard and sailed back to Stockholm.

Run 8 - The Gispert Memorial Walk

When: July 31, 2007, Where: Harvest Home, Hare: Floater

Runners (6): V.D.Viking, Missing Link, Ingrid Larssen, Standing Ovation, Clark Kent, Pippi Longcocking

This was a collaboration between the SPOR&DIC and the Inverness H3. A nice short half imaginary trail from Harvest Home to Vitabergsparken, where we had a drinkstop/circle, drinking Freixenet, a nice Cavá; from the same part of Spain as Gispert's parents, Catalonia. Then it was back to the pub for food and drinks.

Run 9 - The Pine in the Arm Run

When: September 1, 2007, Where: Jakobsberg & Viksjö, Hares: V.D.Viking and Ingrid Larssen

Runners (5): SPOR&DIC Cummer, Junior Turd, Missing Link, Jonas Kunisson (SPOR&DIC Virgin) and Floater

Starting from the Mill Hill in Jakobsberg the run took a longish detour towards Vikjsö Golf Course before returning to A for circle and drinks. The pace was very leisurely thanks to the number of inexperienced Hashers, giving Floater a chance to show-off his Hashing skills and for once be a FWB. Jonas decided to pick a fight with a pine, but lost! He became so distraught by this loss that he also lost the rest of the pack for a while. A short circle was committed before we all retired back to Casa Ingrid for more beer and Ekmyran pizzas (The best pizza place in Jakobsberg).

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