Runs 20-29

SPOR&DIC 20 - The Great Northern Pub Relay Run

When: May 9, 2009, Where: Märsta to Karlberg, Hares: John Cleese, Hornytail, Djungle Dick George, V.D.Viking, Ingrid Larssen, 2 Swedes Cummin', Clever Dick and Floater.

Runners (14): SPOR&DIC Cummer, Missing Link, Titan Dick, Big Brother, Silly con Feet, Pucko, Phone Sex, Sex Pit, Violence, Sweet Meat, Laid Bird, Pippi Longcocking, Marmite and Big Mouth

Another great outdoors adventure. John Cleese's long pre-lube from Märsta to Sollentuna still didn't manage to slow down the FRBs, but they seemed to be happy anyway. Djungle Dick George laid a nice combined Hashers and runners trail in Sollentuna, from the aptly named Paddy's Pub. V.D. and Ingrid followed up with a run around Helenelund, were the runners was given a chance to fill up on some hydrocarbons before 2 Swedes's stage in Ulriksdal. Clever Dick then took us through an commendably short tour of Hagalund and then it was ON-ON to Karlberg for the last leg towards Fridhemsplan. After circle and down-downs it was time for a few final beers at Löwenbräu, before heading home.

SPOR&DIC 21 - The Swedish National Day Run

When: June 6, 2009, Where: Central Stockholm, Hares: Titan Dick and Laid Bird

Runners (46): V.D.Viking, Ingrid Larssen, John Cleese, Red Horse, Malibog, 2 Swedes Cummin', Menage á Trois, Sweet Meat, Stair Pounding Pussy, Little Brother, Ditch Bitch, Swinger, Haegar, Pippi Longcocking, Just John, Doubledecker, Violence, Hornytail, Big Mouth, What's up Dick (renamed Spotted Dick)(Tallinn H3), Hooker Sniffer (Tallinn H3), Sonya, Duty Free, Mister Winterbottom, Mamrmite, Silly con Feet, Clever Dick, Floater, King Zebra, Warehouse, Just Helena, Just Anna, Just Åsa, Termite, Naked Kock, Short'n'Curlies (Tallinn H3), Stains the Couch (Tallinn H3), Spanish Fly (Tallinn H3), Open Your Clam Ma'm (Tallinn H3), Rainman, Magic Mushroom, Muki, Swedish Tikk (Tallinn H3), Big Brother, Mad Swede, Tripple Nipple and Standing Ovation.

SPOR&DIC 22 - D.R.I.F.T.E.R.s Ahoy

When: June 19, 2009, Where: Gamla Stan and Södermalm, Hare: Standing Ovation

Runners (12): V.D.Viking, Ingrid Larssen, Sofa, Medicinal Handjob, Pump Friction, Wet&Dry, Just Chelsea, SPOR&DIC Cummer, Floater, Barman and Barmans girlfriend and also 2th Fairy in memoriam.

SPOR&DIC 23 - The Flotsam Run

When: June 20, 2009, Where: Djurgåden, Hare: Floater

Runners (11): V.D.Viking, Medicinal Handjob, Pump Friction, Just Chelsea, Sofa, Wet&Dry, Laid Bird, Ingrid Larssen, Clark Kent, SPOR&DIC Cummer and 2th Fairy in memoriam

SPOR&DIC 24 - The Södermalm Pub relay Run

When: August 15, 2009, Where: Södermalm, Hares: V.D.Viking, Ingrid Larssen, Standing Ovation, Missing Link, SPOR&DIC Cummer and Floater

Runner (1): Clark Kent

SPOR&DIC 25 - The Løng Ræd ænd Dæliciøus Run

When: November 21, 2009, Where: Jakobsberg, Hares: V.D.Viking and Ingrid Larssen

Runners (5): Horny Larssen, Four'N'Twenty, Junior Turd, Clark Kent and Floater

SPOR&DIC 26 - The Freezing Smelt Run plus Trust Us Hash 4

When: January 23, 2010, Where: Duisburg, Germany, Hares: Cyber Flasher and Premature Ejection

Runners (9): V.D.Viking, Ingrid Larssen, Floater, Higgins, Junior Turd, Standing Ovation, Nut Bitch, Just Catherine and Cuming Slowly

SPOR&DIC 27 - The Trust Us Hang-over Run

When: January 24, 2010, Where: Duisburg, Germany, Hares: Floater and Junior Turd

Runners (9): V.D.Viking, Cyber Flasher, Premature Ejection, Ingrid Larssen, Standing Ovation, Nut Bitch, Just Catherine and Cuming Slowly

SPOR&DIC 28 - Booze Crooze the Froth

When: March 13, 2010, Where: M/S Viking Rosella and Helsinki, Hare: Ingrid Larssen

Runners (7): V.D.Viking, Junior Turd, Floater, Clark Kent, Mimi, Oink! and Standing Ovation

SPOR&DIC 29 - The Run Royale, 2010 Swedish National Day Run

When: June 6, 2010, Where: Around Ladugårdsgärde, Hares: Laid Bird and Titan Dick

Runners (35): Ingrid Larssen, Pippi Longcocking, Duty Free, Doggy Style, Doggy Dick, Hash Puppy, Just Stefan, Malibog, Fishy Hooker, John Cleese, Hornytail, L.I.M.P, Marmite, Pole Fucker, Shakesprick, Red Horse, Bambi, Termite, Violence, Pucko, 2 Swedes Cummin, Sweet Meat, Jane Doe, Clever Dick, Blow Queen, White&Deux, Auric, Floater, Nippy Nickers, Ditch Bitch, Little Brother, Swinger, V.D.Viking, Wet One and Wet One's Daughter (I have to find out what her name is!)

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