Runs 30-39

SPOR&DIC 30 - The Five Year Celebration Run

When: July 3, 2010, Where: Västerås, Hares: V.D.Viking and Ingrid Larssen

Runners (13): Floater, L.I.M.P.,Two Shoes, Rampant, Big Tasty, Just Stefan, The Saint, Janis Joplin, Glorious Pussy Dancer, Just Freddy, Just Jaqueline, Doubledecker and Mad Swede

This was a joint run with the Westra Aros Gurka Hash, and thus the SPOR&DIC went to Västerås for the day. A balmy 30 degrees Celcius made it a sweaty and panty run, were despite an advice from the Hares to bring water, nobody did, and thus made it worse for themselves. First of the run went into the central parts of town, circumventing the festival area crowds, before turning back towards the old power station. An bourboun stop gave the runners some well needed fuel for the stint to the beer stop down by on of the many marinas, before ambling towards Lögarängen, were the circle was held. Afterwards Mad Swede's US style hot dogs, with many trimmings, went down well, as did the two coolers full of Boston and Brooklyn lagers.

SPOR&DIC 31 - Booze Crooze the Filth

When: August 6, 2010, Where: M/V Baltic Queen, Hare: V.D.Viking

Runners (6): Ingrid Larssen, Mad Swede, Doubledecker, Standing Ovation, Sugar Kane and Big Tasty

A short run from the Tango Lounge forward on deck 6 to the Sun Bar aft on deck 10. But first it went down to deck 5, all the way to the aft stair case, then up to deck 6 and forward again to the fore stair case, back to the midship stair case and up to deck 7 and so forth. It took 15 minutes to lay the trail, and about as long to run it, but not for Doubledecker who got lost! After the circle we retired to the Sea Pub for some Flatliners, a favourite of Sugar Kane's, which is a layered shot of tequila over tabasco sauce over sambuca.

SPOR&DIC 32 - The Hangover Hangaround Runabout

When: August 8, 2010, Where: Tallinn, Estonia, Hare: Man in Black

Runners (6): V.D.Viking, Spot a Dick, Ingrid Larssen, Standing Ovation, Hooker Sniffer, Spanish Fly

An admirably short hang over run from the front of the Scotland Yard pub in Tallinn. It went like 300 metres behind the pub where a check back brought us all the way back to the pub and MiB waiting for us with a beer stop. After the beer stop another short trail to a park opposite the pub and time for a circle. Short and of low quality still during it we made a new friend, another hang around who were as happy to have our empty cans, as we were to get rid of them.

SPOR&DIC 33 - The Wolf Memorial Run

When: September 19, 2010, Where: Stockholm, Hares: Ingrid Larssen and V.D.Viking

Runner (1): Floater

It was 5 months since the passing away of the Wolf and it felt like it was proper to remember him by a pub run from the Central Station with a small circle at the Montelius walkway with a nice view over Stockholm. Down-downs were in Apfelkorn.

SPOR&DIC 34 - The Culture Vulture Run

When: October 9, 2010, Where: The terracotta army exhibition in Stockholm, Hare: Standing Ovation

Runners (8): Marmite, Cuming Slowly, Termite, Horny Larssen, Mrs. Larssen, Floater, Sofa and Tonedeaf

SPOR&DIC 35 - The Pictureresque Run

When: November 20, 2010, Where: From Årsta to Skarpnäck, Hares: Standing Ovation and V.D.Viking

Runners (5): Junior Turd, Sugar Kane, Ingrid Larssen, Floater and Clark Kent

A pub run were the next pub's general area were give as pictograms.

SPOR&DIC 36 - The Chili Chilly Run

When: January 29, 2011, Where: Viksjö to Jakobsberg, Hares: V.D.Viking and Ingrid Larssen

Runners (10): Big Tasty, Just Bosse (SPOR&DIC Virgin), Muki, Pole Fucker, Blowqueen, Sir Clever Dick, Floater, Pinnochio (SPOR&DIC Virgin), Doubledecker and Mad Swede

A windy A2B run from Viksjö to Jakobsberg, with plenty of runners loops and two drink stops. Stop number one at Fastebol school was bourbon and hot coffe, the second stop on top of Kvarnkullen was Sugarkane's very appreciated Glogg. After the run and circle the chili-con-carne went down like it was beer, and after several hours of socialising and discussing the tired Hounds left for home. Sir Clever Dick did have to come back the next day to give back Doubledecker's jacket wich he had taken home with him.

SPOR&DIC 37 - The S.H.O.R.T. Run

When: March 12, 2011, Where: Central Stockholm, Hare: Standing Ovation

Runners (14): V.D.Viking, 1/4 Barrel (US Visitor), Sugar Kane, Anti-Climax, Missing Link, Drunken Master Beta, Sir Clever Dick, Pucko, Magister Caligula, Bien Venue, Junior Turd, Four'N'Twenty, Ingrid Larssen and Double Dick

A very nice pub crawl from Skanstull to Hornstull to Odenplan to Rådmansgatan to T-Centralen. A few newly found pubs and a few known to us, but all friendly.

SPOR&DIC 38 - Booze Crooze the Filthy where Y=1/2

When: I forget, Where: On-board M/S Viking Cinderella, Hare: Junior Turd

Runners (3): V.D.Viking, Ingrid Larssen and Floater

A perfect Booze Crooze, albeit with a very short notice, starting off with a couple of beers in the Hornblower Pub, continuing with oysters and dinner, and then ending in the pub again.

SPOR&DIC 39 - National Day Run 2011

When: June 6, 2011, Where: Central Stockholm, Hares: Titan Dick and Laid Bird

Runners (38): 2 Swedes Cumming, Blowqueen, Swinger, Little Brother, Son of a Bitch, Jungle Dick George, Just Marjan, Tripple Nipple, Just Jason, Pucko, Clark Kent, Floater, Mermite, Marmite, Big Man Wanted, Jane Doe, Just Lotta, Pippi Longcocking, Termite, Naked Cock, Doggy Style, Hash Puppy, Doggy Dick, Dingo Doc, Ali Wank Bonk, Skippy, Bambi, Sir Clever Dick, Drunken Master Beta, Red Horse, Malibog, Just Bosse, Big Tasty, LIMP, Liszt, Double Dick and Ingrid Larssen.

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