Runs 50-59

SPOR&DIC 51 - The Royal Walk in the Park and Champagne Run

When: June 22, 2012, Where: Haga Parken, Hares: Floater and Clark Kent

Runners (7): V.D.Viking, Missing Link, Just Harry, Dragon Lady, Red Horse, Malibog, Sir Clever Dick

SPOR&DIC 52 - Booze Crooze Sex

When: June 6-11, 2013, Where: M/S Victoria I and Tallinn, Hare: None

Runners (20): V.D.Viking, Ingrid Larssen, Pucko, Double Dick, Floater, Junior Turd, Sugar Kane, Marmite, Termite, Big Brother, Big Mouth, Little Brother, Ditch Bitch, John Cleese, Sir Clever Dick, Ali Wank Bonk, Standing Ovation, Mad Swede, Doubledecker and 2 Swedes Cumming

SPOR&DIC 53 - The Bubbles in Haga Run

When: June 21, 2013, Where: Haga Parken, Hare: Ingrid Larssen

Runners (3): V.D.Viking, Clark Kent, Missing Link

SPOR&DIC 54 - The Meeting of the Bored Part 2

When: September 7, 2013, Where: Jakobsberg, Hares: Ingrid Larssen and V.D.Viking

Runners (16): Haegar, Pucko, Clark Kent, Moby Dick, Wet One, Sir Malibog, Lady Red Horse, Sir Clever Dick, Big Mouth, 2 Swedes Cumming, Sugar Kane, SPOR&DIC Cummer, Big Brother, Marmite, Ditch Bitch, Little Brother

SPOR&DIC 55 - The South Side Pub Crawl

When: October 19, 2013, Where: Söder om Söder, Hare: Standing Ovation

Runners (10): V.D.Viking, Ingrid Larssen, Eye Full, Big Man Wanted, Take it in the Bronx (Houston H3), Sprintosaurus, Sugar Kane, SPOR&DIC Cummer, Missing Link, Moby Dick

SPOR&DIC 56 - The Molenium Pub Crawl

When: November 22, 2013, Where: Stockholm, Hare: Standing Ovation

Runners (48): 2 Swedes Cumming, Ali Wank Bonk, Big Man Wanted, Big Shaker, Blowqueen, Check Me Out, Clark Kent, Cubic Caveman, Cuming Slowly, Ditch Bitch, Double Dick, Ei Saa Peitää, Eye-Full, Floater, FORK, Fossil, Frozen Balls, Guinea Pig, Hornytail, Jingle Balls, John Cleese, Just Ludde, Just Steven, Klang, Kling, Laid Bird, LIMP, Little Brother, Marmite, Moby Dick, Mooseman, PIMP, Pippi Longcocking, Pole Fucker, Pucko, Red Light District, Rosé, Sir Clever Dick, Slug, Sprintosaurus, Stiff Meat, Sugar Plum Fairy, Swirt, Termite, Titan Dick, Tom Boy, Tweeny and Wet One

SPOR&DIC 57 - The Home Brew Run

When: March 8, 2014, Where: The Doghouse, Solna, Hares: Hugh Hefner and Doggy Dick

Runners (25): V.D.Viking, Ingrid Larssen, Kling, Klang, 2 Swedes Cummin', PIMP, Sir Clever Dick, Fourpack, LIMP, Meatballs, Lady Red Horse, Sir Malibog, Violence, Doggy Style, Hash Puppy, Just Idun, Just Andreas, Just Theodore, Bunny, Miss July, Miss February, Bambi, Minime and Just Oliver

SPOR&DIC 58 - The Riga Cruise Run

When: April 11, 2014, Where: Onboard M/V Romantika, Hares: Standing Ovation and V.D.Viking

Runners (36): Ingrid Larssen, Marmite, Kling, Hardworn Hymen, PIMP, Sir Malibog, Lady Red Horse, LIMP, Teddybear, Man-in-Black, Laid Bird, Pucko, Double Dick, Bubbles, Big Shaker, Little Brother, SPOR&DIC Cummer, Sugar Kane, Cucumbear, Ei Saa Peitää, Fluffer, Termite, Mad Swede, Double Decker, Magister Caligula, Willkommen-Bienvenue-Welcome, Sir Clever Dick, Ditch Bitch, Rosé, Just Ellie, Floater, Likk'mm, Eye-Full, Big Man Wanted, 2 Swedes Cummin' and Menage-a-Troi

SPOR&DIC 50 - The National Day Run 2014

When: June 6, 2014, Where: Snickarbacken 5, Hares: Titan Dick and Laid Bird

Runners (53): V.D.Viking, Ingrid Larssen, Big Tasty, Dr. Brewlittle, Mad Swede, Doubledecker, Little Brother, Boobie Trap, Big Mouth, Big Brother, Ditch Bitch, Son of a Bitch, Swinger, Moby Dick, Sex Tourist, Cocktail, Clark Kent, Vendor Bender, Au Per, Haegar, PIMP, Pippi Longcocking, Rosé, Hugh Hefner, Bunny, Miss February, Miss July, Doggy Dick, Doggy Style, Hash Puppy, Just Idun, Violence, Cubic Caveman, Just Mei Ling, Kling, Blowqueen, Naked Kok, Just Helen, Just Samuel, Jingle Balls, Lady Redhorse, Sir Malibog, Ali Wank Bonk, Sprintosaurus, Sir Clever Dick, Fourpack, Pucko, Double DIck, LIMP, Frozen Balls, Just Katrin, Tripple Nipple, Floater

SPOR&DIC 59 - Booze Crooze of the Seven Sins

When: June 6, 2014, Where: Onboard M/S Baltic Queen, Hares: V.D.Viking and Ingrid Larssen

Runners (9): Big Tasty, Dr.Brewlittle, Just Erik, Just Britt, Termite, Marmite, Mad Swede, Doubledecker, Floater

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