Runs 60-69

SPOR&DIC 60 - The Bird Feed Run in Haga

When: June 20 (Midsummer's Eve), 2014, Where: The Haga Park, Hare: Floater

Runners (5): V.D.Viking, Ingrid Larssen, Missing Link, SPOR&DIC Cummer, Clark Kent

SPOR&DIC 61 - Booze Crooze the GR8

When: September 13, 2014, Where: Onboard M/S Viking Grace and Amorella, Hare: V.D.Viking

Runners (4): Ingrid Larssen, Missing Link, Cumming Slowly, Standing Ovation

62 - The Great Halfminds Drink Alike Run

When: December 6, 2014, Where: Stockholm, Hare: Standing Ovation

Runners (9): Ingrid Larssen, Missing Link, Cumming Slowly, Floater, Just Olle, Just Björn, Waiting for It, V.D.Viking and Sugar Kane

A nice pubcrawl between som of Stockholm's more recently openend pubs, Brewdog, Carnegie and Mikkeller among them.

63 - The Laid in Macedonia Fun

When: May 9, 2015, Where: Skopje, Macedonia, Hares: 2 Swedes Cuming and Silly Con Feet

Runners (18): Menage à Troi, Limp, Pimp, Little Brother, Ditch Bitch, Big Brother, Big Mouth, Ei sa päitää, Fluffer, Fourpack, Violence, Sex tourist, CockTail, Horny tail , John Cleese, Dirty Dancer, Moby Dick and Just Erik.

Starting at the Zoo, through park and over bridges and the alleys of the Muslim Quarters. Drink Stop by the Kale Fortress, then through the Old Town and ending with a cirle by the river. Of course ended with Swing Low.

64 - The Macedonia Replacement Run

When: May 10, 2015, Where: Matka Lake, Macedonia, Hare: Big Brother

Runners (19): 2 Swedes Cuming, Silly Con Feet, Menage à Troi, Limp, Pimp, Little Brother, Ditch Bitch, Big Mouth, Ei sa päitää, Fluffer, Fourpack, Violence, Sex tourist, CockTail, Horny tail , John Cleese, Dirty Dancer, Moby Dick and Just Erik.

30 minutes by taxi upriver to Lake Matka were we boarded 2 boats for another 5 km trip upstreams the damned river. But first a visit to some grottos. The walkers were dumped and left to walk back to the start of big Brothers trail, while the Runnes were dropped off a further km upriver and had to catch up. Drink stop (and swimstop in +9 degrees Celsius for the brave) with some heat from Raki helping against the cold. Some of the marathonrunners, missing the marathon, ran a bit extra before heading back to hotel TCC in Skopje for a circle in the sauna. Just Erik managed to get named Slimy Cod. for swimming with his wallet and then paying with the slimy money.

65 - The Thirst Joint Connoisseur and SPOR&DIC Whisky Tasting 

When: May 15, 2015, Where: Jakobsberg, Hare: Sugar Kane

Drinkers (4): V.D.Viking, Ingrid Larssen, Floater and Clark Kent

A great tasting of four very tasty whiskies 1) Glenfiddich Rare Oak, 2) Balvenie Triple Cask (2013) 3) Laphroaig (2014) and Bowmore Old and Rare (2012). All aged 25 years or more.


When: August 22, 2015, Where: Pirita, Tallinn, Estonia, Hare: Quickbitch (TH3)

Runners (37): V.D.Viking, Spermbank, Stains the Couch, Devirginizer, Flagpole, Escort Required, Biggles, E.T., Mobile Dick, Peel a Penis, Sugar Kane, Swedish Tikk, Slideshow Bob, Tilted Dick, Just (Lithsalt) Maria, Cuming Slowly, Standing Ovation, Clark Kent, Lady GaGa, Muthatuka, Triple Dickhead, Joint Venture, Teddy Bear, Man-in-Black, Wipeout, Friendly Thighs, Sweaty Schmaltzy Balls, Mad Swede, Double Decker, Damsel in Distress, Ice Maid, rongjon, Floater, Calapso, Four'n'Twenty

A nice romp around scenic Pirita, were the new moss green SPORXDIC shirts helped keep the pack apart.

67 - SPORXDIC Red Dress Hangover Run

When: August 23, 2015, Where: Tallinn Old Town, Estonia, Hare: Stains the Couch

Runners (27): V.D.Viking, Ingrid Larssen, Sugar Kane, Damsel in Distress, Cuming Slowly, Tilted Dick, Hooker Sniffer, Double Decker, Mad Swede, Standing Ovation, Flagpole, Mobile Dick, Calapso, E.T., Biggles, Peel a Penis, Four'n'Twenty, Triple Dickehead, Joint Venture, Slideshow Bob, Lady GaGa, Clark Kent, Floater, Just Martin, Sperm Bank, Bitchquick, Biggles, Teddy Bear

Another scenic route for our visitors the enjoy, including as many staircases as the Hare could find.

68 - The Driplomatic run

When: September 6, 2015, Where: Stockholm, Gärdet, Hare: Standing Ovation

Runners (11): Bitch Quick, Clever Dick, Concrete Erection, Floater, Ice Maiden, Ingrid Larssen, Laid Bird, Pippi Longcocking, SPOR&DIC Cummer, Standing Ovation, Titan Dick, V.D.Viking

69 - The National Kinky Day Run 2016

When: June 6, 2016, Hares: Laid Bird and Titan Dick

Runners (42): Playboy, Son of a Bitch, Just Elin, Just Paulina, 2 Swedes Cummin, Ali Wank Bonk, Au Per, Bad Pitt, Big Brother, Big Mouth, Blowqueen, Clever Dick, Concrete Erection, Dirty Dancer, Fourpack, Hardworn Hymen, Hornytail, Hot Stuff, Hugh Hefner, Ingrid Larssen, Jingle Balls, John Cleese, Just Sunshine, LIMP, Little Ingrid, Malibog, Malteaser, Marmite, Nordic Semen, Pippi Longcocking, Red Horse, Rosé, Silly con Feet, SPOR&DIC Cummer, Sprintosaurus, Strip Teaser, Termite, Triple Nipple, V.D.Viking, Vendor Bender, Violence, Violent Volvo


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